The Polio Generation: Built on Toughness

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If you were born after the 1950s, you may know little or nothing about the frightening epidemic that was part of just about everyone's lives back then. Polio outbreaks were frequent and not well understood. Although doctors, hospitals and health organizations tried to fight this crippling disease, it continued to spread and affect children throughout

How the 50’s Changed History

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Every decade has memorable events, especially for those who lived through that particular slice of history. Today, those growing up in the 1950s are the grandparents of many young people maturing right now. This decade is revisited by many 50s books, remembering the good, the bad, and the crazy times. Here are some ways that

Eight Books That Will Bring You Back to the ’50s

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Looking back over the past helps us learn about ourselves and our world, as well as revive thrilling, joyful, terrifying and heartbreaking memories. The decade of the 1950s conjures up images of the advent of rock and roll with Elvis Presley, the frightening polio outbreaks, the ominous Korean War and the fascinating introduction of the

National Bowling Day + Free Coloring Pages!

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Happy National Bowling Day! In honor of my father growing up in the bowling world and my love for the 1950's, here are two coloring pages from the Cool Cats Coloring and Activity Book to download, print, and enjoy! Be sure to hashtag #cahartnell on social media and share your art! Just click on

Adventures at Vegas Book Fest!

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Had a grand adventure last Saturday in my C.A. Hartnell booth at the Vegas Valley Book Festival on the grounds of the Historic 5th Street School located near Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone visiting the book festival could testify that Las Vegas is not just a gambling town! It's a real community of families who care