Every decade has its good times and bad, but if you grew up in the 1950s, you might argue that those were the best of days. If you’re looking for a way to pass along your 1950s memories to the future generations, consider checking out a new series of children’s books by CA Hartnell. You could easily say these were “books about my childhood.”

Entertainment Evolution: When you see poodle skirts, drive-in movies and sock hops portrayed in today’s books and movies, you’ll automatically think of the 1950s. This decade was a critical one when it comes to entertainment. Movies on the big screen became popular as an outside activity while color TV became the norm in the home. Elvis Presley rose in fame during this time as well, introducing the country to rock and roll.


Stability Resumes

With both the Great Depression and World War II behind them, Americans were positioned to create stable, prosperous lives. Growth and economic conditions improved, and families had extra money to spend on things like movies, television and moving out to the suburbs. Minimum wage earners could pay their rent using about one week’s worth of pay, giving them additional money to spend on other items.


Safer, More Comfortable Automobiles

The decade of the 1950s was a period of development for the automotive industry. Besides coming up with some snazzy designs, the car manufacturers also added the standard features of today including automatic transmission, safety features, air conditioning, power braking, and power steering. Cars became safer and more comfortable to drive.


Economic Mobility

Perhaps due to factors like fair taxation, falling debt, and steady growth, it became much easier for Americans to work hard to get ahead. Access to education was available with the advent of the GI Bill that gave veterans a shot of additional schooling that could boost their income.


Fight Against Polio

Although the polio epidemics of the time were severe, frightening and full of suffering for many, the development of an effective vaccine was accelerated through this period. As a result, polio has nearly been eradicated from the world in the present time.


Low Crime Rate

Many who grew up in the 1950s will boast about being able to leave their doors unlocked and allowing children to roam the neighborhood safely for hours. The reality was that, in 1957, the murder rate bottomed out reaching a low of four people killed by crime for every 100,000.

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