What a blast it was to be able to visit Arkansas in the Autumn! My friends and I like to seek out antique malls, hills covered in gorgeous Autumn foliage, thrift shops, glory trees, country food, and days of “Ohs and awes!”

Saw this awesome Autumn color on the trees in Prairie Grove Battlefield Park while wandering up and down its lanes next to stone walls dating back to the Civil War. It’s a great place to visit for its history and beauty.

A visit to Arkansas wouldn’t be complete without visiting Tontitown and the Tontitown Antique Mall. (This is the town where the Duggar family lives!) This display greeted us at the front door! That’s Fall, ya’ll! This antique mall is one of the many that we visit for a blast to the past! I never leave Arkansas without lots of 1950s stuff: old books, quilts or quilt tops, plates, toys, and lots more.

My pals and I have our favorite food places in Arkansas that include Cracker Barrel, Brahms, Golden Corral Buffet, Sonic, Western Sizzlin, and Calico County. Here’s a photo of my delicious dinner at Calico County restaurant in Fort Smith. Clockwise on my plate are Baked Squash, Pot Roast Carrots, Green Beans, and Wets: crispy French fries covered in white gravy. Yum! Top right is one of their famous cinnamon roll appetizers which I was saving for dessert! This was a fine meal to end a really fine trip to Arkansas.

So no matter where you’ve visited or wandered this Fall, I pray your time was fun, exciting, and eventful. But most of all, I noticed that God’s glory was on display! It’s amazing that the LORD chooses to show Himself in the most magnificent way in dying Autumn leaves! There’s wisdom there! Can it be that even in death, when we know Him, there’s only beauty?

With but a few November days left, may your Autumn wanderings be awesome!