Last May on our Route 66 Road Trip halfway across America, we left the Mother Road to drive down to My Possibilities in Plano, Texas. MP serves folks with special needs and they arranged a cool car show for their Hipsters to introduce them to my car Hawk’s Ride! It’s a 1937 Ford Slant back that I wrote about in my 4 chapter books for kids 8 and up about the 1950s. Their car club needed a car and my car needed a new home!

Having a blast with the MP Hipsters Car Club in the parking lot at their Plano Campus. There were so many cool classic cars at the MP Car Show that day!

1950s book author CA Hartnell and Hawk's Ride

Hawk’s Ride got a cool new license plate from one of the iconic places we stopped at on our Route 66 Road Trip last May.

book series set in the 1950s featuring Hawk's Ride

These flags fly high over the My Possibilities Plano, Texas, Campus where Hawk’s Ride Will now live.

Author CA Hartnell's Adventures

The real ending to our Route 66 Road Trip is at the My Possibilities Community Ball Gala last Saturday night, 6/15, where Hawk’s Ride was introduced to their Texas community for the first time! I couldn’t talk about this end of the trip and made it a mystery so I didn’t spoil their Gala surprise. And folks were certainly surprised! Embassy Suites, Frisco, Texas, was the perfect venue for a fabulous 1950s bash!

CA Hartnell at Gala

Gail and myself at the MP Community Ball Gala. We had a blast to the past at this cool, retro event! Go online and check out My Possibilities of Plano, Texas, to see all the amazing things they do!

Author CA Hartnell & sister Gail

Hawk’s Ride was the Star of the Show at MP’s Community Ball! I’ve never seen my car so shiny and beautiful. It has a new home at MP with the Hipsters Car Club who will be caring for the car! Philanthropy can have many looks! Find out what the needs are at your local non-profit and ways you can help them out? Hawk’s Ride needed a new home and the Hipsters Car Club at My Possibilities needed a car! What a great way to do philanthropy! Thanks MP for making Hawk’s Ride shine as bright as the folks you serve!


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CA Hartnell is an award-winning author who specializes in kids books set in the 1950s. Her adventures growing up in El Monte, California in the 1950s inspired her set of children’s books: Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, and Wild Winter. She now resides in Las Vegas, where she continues to adventure and inspire everyone around her. Get her series of 50s nostalgia books for kids here.