On a recent Sea of Cortez Boat Trip in Mexico, here are some photos I took of different shorelines.

Rocky shorelines with white sand beaches were the surprise of the first day and each day afterwards!

More rocky backdrops with white sand and rippling water lapping the shore.

50s kids book author CA Hartnell


This great rocky outcropping looked a bit like a giant turtle head to me! I try not to see animals and people in rock formations but it just happens!


Water, water everywhere! The kids in my summer book series set in the 1950s, Sinister Summer,  love water adventures!

As you can see in all the above photos not only does the Sea of Cortez have interesting and varied rock formations along its coastline, but it has the most beautiful variations of colors of water. From deep navy to turquoise! What an amazing adventure this was in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez!

books for grandchild author CA hartnell at sea of cortez

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CA Hartnell is an award-winning author who specializes in kids books set in the 1950s. Her adventures growing up in El Monte, California in the 1950s inspired her set of children’s books: Scary Spring, Sinister Summer, Ferocious Fall, and Wild Winter. She now resides in Las Vegas, where she continues to adventure and inspire everyone around her. Get her series of 50s nostalgia books for kids here.