Day 5 and back on Route 66 doing our road trip through New Mexico in a surprise snowstorm! So from California to New Mexico we’ve gone from sunshine to snow! Things have gotten really wild on Route 66! Snow Day!!!❄️
More Day 5 on our Route 66 Road Trip in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, at the Route 66 Auto Museum! What a cool place filled with beautiful classic cars. Here is one of the vignettes set up in their lobby with their name.
Inside the Route 66 Auto Museum in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, on Route 66. I loved walking around these cool classic cars and snapping photos! Some of these cars where the same ones in my books! What a blast to the past!
Out on our Route 66 Road Trip who could resist stopping for this cute place? We couldn’t! Once inside the Tee Pee Curio Shop, I went straight to the book section like I did in every shopping place. I look for Route 66 books especially full of photos and coloring books for kids! This curio shop was really great!
While in Tucumcari, NM, on Route 66 we had to stop and take photos of the iconic and super cute Blue Swallow Motel that’s in all the books about Route 66. It really looks like you’ve stepped back in time! And a neon sign advertises %100 Refrigerated Air! I ♥️ this place!

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