Let’s all celebrate National Thrift Shop/Non-Profit Day by having a fun adventure shopping at our favorite thrift shops/stores or find some new ones in our communities. Recently, I visited several of my local shops in Henderson, Nevada, located next to Las Vegas. What a “blast to the past” walking the aisles of a Thrift Shop!

I started out at The Salvation Army on Stephanie Street.  I’m outside next to the building holding up a really cool polka dot glass. It just needs a big scoop of vanilla ice cream! Loved the aisles of glassware and left there with a full bag. A circuit-preacher, William Booth, and his wife Catherine founded The Salvation Army in 1865 in London, England, as “a Bible-based ministry motivated by God’s love to meet human needs in Jesus name without discrimination.” The Salvation Army is a non-profit that serves in 130 countries around the world. “They are dedicated to doing the most good.”

Goodwill, also on Stephanie, had lots of good vintage and retro stuff! I bought several cool retro trays after waiting in line with other excited shoppers. Goodwill Industries is an American non-profit organization that provides job training, job placement, employment in their thrift stores, and lots of community-based programs. Good job, Goodwill.

Savers on W. Warm Springs Road is a for-profit thrift store that receives its donations of clothing and household goods from direct donations and by paying money to non-profit organizations. It’s an international company with 315 locations in Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A. It’s a great store where I found more cool glassware and some retro records. Thanks Savers!

Back on Stephanie and heading home to Las Vegas, I stopped across the street from Goodwill at Castaways Resale Store. Inside, I looked at all the cool stuff then headed to the back of the store where I flipped through crates of old record albums! That’s where I found the Coral, High Fidelity Pick-a-Polka! record album by Lawrence Welk and his champagne music. What a cool cover on a retro music album straight out of the 1950s! I loved this album cover, so I held it up by the Castaways sign. Castaways give people and at-risk families a second chance and opportunities in their communities. They “help them structure better lives for a better future.”

Have a great time on National Thrift Shop/Non-profit Day shopping at local stores or go on a road trip adventure to visit others in your area. Supporting these stores supports their mission to improve their communities. And shoppers get a fabulous vintage/retro experience! Thank you Thrift Shops!