On a recent trip to Mexico with friends, we cruised on their boat around the Sea of Cortez. One afternoon we anchored off of this lovely beach, one of hundreds in this area.


We went ashore to explore and take in the scenery. This particular beach had lots of vegetation that looked more like a jungle than a desert place!


Before venturing into what looked like a jungle, I noticed strange markings all over the sand coming from the jungle then going into the salt water along the shore. I walked along the water for awhile thinking these markings in the sand looked like snakes! Do snakes slither out of the jungle across the sand then go for a swim in the sea? Do they hunt for food in the water then slither back to the jungle? I was perplexed!


But along the shoreline I spotted this dead snake skeleton and was now convinced the tracks in the sand were from hundreds of snakes that lived in the vegetation, slithered out across the sand at some point to frolic in the sea, then return home. I was creeped out and ready to leave that place and it’s sandy beach filled with snake tracts!


I picked up the “snake” skeleton, we returned to the boat, visited a nearby village to ask them about the skeleton? They assured us it was an eel skeleton that must have washed up on shore! And those snake tracts were really crab tracks! Ok so I had to take their word for it but I still don’t think those crab tracks look like crab tracks! Enjoy this short video of this lovely lagoon along the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. But beware of mysterious snake tracks!


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