LAS VEGAS – (Feb 27, 2015) – Las Vegas author, C.A. Hartnell, has answered the call and is doing her part, teaming up with WHY Ranch and “Stephanie’s Wish” to bring hope to our community’s youth. Hartnell donated 240 bibles on behalf of “Stephanie’s Wish” on January 15, 2015. The bibles have been given to the youth participating in the WHY Ranch’s Diamonds in the Rough program and all those visiting the ranch who are going through challenging times. Each individual will take home a bible that has been stamped with the “Stephanie’s Wish” passage and enclosed with a special bookmarker as a reminder that there is always hope in the face of adversity. The WHY Ranch continues to spread the gift of hope by making sure local churches and youth groups also receive bibles. For more details, go to

“Stephanie’s Wish” was born from Stephanie Austin, a teenage girl who passed away of childhood cancer in November of 2013. Stephanie made her wish known to her mother Debbie Austin that she felt spiritually led to take on the task of making certain that a million bibles were given to all of those that have lost hope. Stephanie was unable to see her dream come to pass. However, Stephanie’s parents and all of those who knew and love her have taken up the cause. To date, “Stephanie’s Wish” has placed a bible in over 5,065 hands with a message of hope being within reach to everyone that receives a bible. For more information on how to get involve with “Stephanie’s Wish,” visit


The White Horse Youth Ranch is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Las Vegas organization located at 8390 West Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89113. It is the mission of WHY Ranch to educate minds, inspire creativity and encourage integrity for the youth of our community through positive interaction with our American living legend –The Horse. WHY Ranch offers free horsemanship programs to young people who are dealing with a variety of challenges and social issues including bullying, divorce, death of a significant caregiver, military separation, illness and difficult home environments. Through the WHY Ranch programs, children and youth are able to heal through developing connected and non-judgmental relationships with horses and with trained staff in a values-based environment. For more information about WHY Ranch and the WHY Ranch Diamonds in the Rough program, visit


C.A. Hartnell writes award-winning historical fiction for children. Her latest series of four books is set in the 1950s and includes stories about polio, patriotism, diners, Route 66 and rock ‘n’ roll. She is a member of four writers’ organizations and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hartnell is also the proud owner of Hawk’s Ride, a 1937 chopped-top, flame-painted and carefully restored Ford hot rod, which she uses to promote her books. More information about Hartnell and her books is available at https://www.cahartnell.comm.