There are all kinds of ways to have an ice cream adventure! So on National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, which is also Way Back Wednesday and part of National Ice Cream month, I decided to write about ice cream…one of my favorite summertime treats! It was fun to create a delicious hot fudge sundae using my vintage ice cream scoop and a pretty Anchor Hocking glass dish. Got the sundae assembled and placed for a photo then gobbled up my creation! It reminded me of my childhood when Hershey’s Hot Fudge, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream in an aerosol can, and Maraschino Cherries were staples in our refrigerator!

A few weeks ago, I went on a road trip with friends outside of our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to Historic Boulder City where we visited Grandma Daisy’s Candy and Ice Cream Parlor. I enjoyed wandering up and down Boulder City’s Main Street slurping my Chocolate Chip/Cookies and Cream ice cream in a waffle cone. After finishing the last delicious bite, I adventured into several great antique stores for some special purchases. It was a fine day!

I couldn’t write about ice cream without including my absolute favorite ice cream from my childhood and now…Thrifty’s Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on a cake or waffle cone! It’s dark, flakey chocolate fills every bite. Yum! “Thrifty Award Winning Ice Cream” is still manufactured in my childhood hometown of El Monte, California, the town I write about in my children’s historical fiction chapter books! Wow! As a kid, I bought a single scoop of Chocolate Chip for a nickel. Some fun facts about Thrifty Drug Stores: In 1929, Thrifty Cut Rate opened in Los Angeles across from Broadway Department Store. They opened their 100th store in California by 1950, then opened a store in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1952! Though Thrifty Drug Stores are gone, Thrifty ice cream is still available in Rite Aide Drug Stores. I’m holding a Chocolate Chip ice cream cone at the Thrifty Ice Cream counter in the Blue Jay, California, Rite Aide up in the San Bernardino mountains.

Later that weekend, I drove to the Lake Arrowhead area, also in the San Bernardino mountains, to visit Skypark at Santa’s Village. I bought an ice cream cone at K’s Kandyshoppe and Creamery, with its lollipop tree out front, which is one of the super shops located on the vintage Santa’s Village property. What a wonderful, fun, and nostalgic place to visit for mountain bike riding, hiking, shopping, and eating ice cream treats.

On Way Back Wednesday, I really went way back with a display of the ice cream treats I loved as a child and used to buy from the Good Humor Ice Cream man. The kids in my books lined up to purchase ice creams from the ice cream truck. There’s still something wonderful about those retro ice creams that were scrumptious summertime treats! And still are today!

The chocolate goodness of an Ice Cream Sandwich is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate wafers. The Popsicle Brand Creamsicle is a vanilla flavored ice cream bar coated with orange flavored sherbet. A Nestle Drumstick is a crispy waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate and peanuts. As a kid, I used to take the top off the cone, put it in the wrapper, eat the cone, then finish with the top. I loved to save the best for last! My favorite ice cream truck treat was and still is a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar with its cake coating and strawberry filling. The Popsicle Brand Fudge Bar, is a delicious “chocolate flavored frozen dessert.”

This summer, take time for an ice cream adventure by enjoying your favorite ice cream treat in a special place!

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