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Hope everyone is doing well and you’re happy that summer vacation just started! Well, to stay busy, here is my Greetings from California coloring page for you to download, print, and color! Please hashtag and tag #cahartnell on social media and you could win the summer book from my series, “The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann!”
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“Sinister Summer was an enjoyable read and I loved all the 1950s references. It brought back great memories of when I was a young girl during those fun times. I would recommend this book for kids between 9 and 12 and to baby boomers.”

-Gail Perry

“This wholesome and engaging book takes two friends, Pete and Carol Ann, in Southern California through a spring season during the polio epidemic of the mid-fifties. My fourth grader and I both enjoyed reading it together and we’re looking forward to the rest of the series.”


“Good old fashioned stories with good old fashioned values. Sinister Summer follows the antics of Pete and Carol Ann, two eleven year old kids growing up in the 1950s. Togther these two friends encounter bullies, peril, and even a  series of crimes, that threaten to put a damper on their summer. Through it all Carol Ann turns to her beloved scriptures to help her find answers and comfort in times of trouble and frustration. Sinister Summer is the second book in a four part series which follows the adventures of Pete and Carol Ann. This book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.”

-Literary Classics Review of Sinister Summer

“The adventures of Pete and Carol Ann continue in Ferocious Fall, the third book in a four part series by CA Hartnell. In the fall of 1955 residents of California’s San Gabriel Valley saw their fair share of ferocious weather. Pete and Carol Ann learn first hand that weather much like the bullies they encounter, can conjure up some pretty frightening developments. Together, they learn that the choices they make in how to deal with these threats make a world of difference.”

-Literary Classics Review of Ferocious Fall

“Scary Spring offers a unique glimpse into the world of children growing up during the 1950s. Woven within the tapestry of this lovely chapter book is the anxiety children of that period faced regarding the possibility of contracting polio. Scary Spring is an endearing story, both entertaining and educational, from which children will glean an appreciation for the joys, hopes and fears of youngsters from a by-gone era. Scary Spring is highly recommended for home and school libraries.”

-Literary Classics Review of Scary Spring
Literary Classics

“C.A. Hartnell brings Christmas in the 50’s to life in her classic children’s chapter book, Wild Winter. The fourth and final book in a series about best friends and neighbors Pete and Carol Ann, offers a nostalgic glimpse into the lives of youngsters growing up in El Monte, CA. Pete and Carol Ann divide to help raise money for needy families at Christmas time. But then someone steals from their fund, they are befuddles and dismayed. Despite bullies and thieves, the two are not deterred as they preserver and experience the joy of gving to those less fortunate during the Christmas season.”

-Literary Classics Review of Wild Winter
Literary Classics

“If you are looking for a book that teaches about life in the 1950s in a fun way, this is the book to buy. The “scary” part of the book is in regards to the polio epidemic that was prevalent during the Spring of 1955. Since history isn’t always a topic children like, I was pleased that my grandchildren enjoyed reading this book and learning about the polio epidemic, as well as learning, through the eyes of children, how life was lived in the 1950s. This would be a good book for teachers to use in teaching about the 1950s. I look forward to having my grandchildren read the rest of this four book series.”

-Rebecca B

“I enjoyed reading this book by Carol Hartnell. It was a fun adventure that brought back many wonderful memories of the 50s. Being a history buff I found the accuracy of this book to be exceptional. For cookie lovers the munch mouth molasses cookies melt in your mouth you met try them! It is refreshing to see an author give glory to the lord for her talents! I’m looking forward to the sequel book!”

-Eileen Innis