In the middle of Easter Week on this Wonderful Wednesday, enjoy coloring a vintage Easter basket, a chocolate bunny, Peeps, Easter eggs, and much more on this Easter Coloring Page just for you! Have fun counting and coloring jelly beans in this retro drawing I created. In the 1950s, jelly beans were also called jelly bird eggs. What a funny name for those small, egg-shaped, colorful confections. Have you ever seen a “jelly bird?” Kids didn’t care what they were called as long as they could eat a handful of them! I loved the red ones best and ate them last!

Once you’ve counted jelly beans, trace your way through the Easter basket maze. This retro, candy-filled Easter basket, bowl of jelly beans, Scary Spring handout, and cute coloring page are sweet reminders of Springtime on a Wonderful Wednesday in a hope-filled and Wonderful Week.

Happy Easter and God bless you!