Have you ever wondered about your family ancestry or where you’re from in the world? Adventures in thankfulness unfolds in the following story. My father’s Grandmother Mary Ann Hartnell migrated to America from England, but that’s all we knew about her. Several years ago, British Hartnell cousins located us on ancestry.com. What an exciting day! And it was even more exciting to meet them soon after that. (Did I mention they are wonderful!)

So recently, on a trip to England with some of my American family members, we reunited with our British cousins where they live in Taunton, Somerset County, England. The Castle Hotel in Taunton welcomed us with its cozy rooms and nearby shopping. (Did I mention that colorful fall leaves adorned the trees around town and the countryside?) An evening with our relatives in their lovely home became a highlight of our trip and filled us with thankfulness.

The next morning, our cousins took us to visit 1,000 year-old Dunster Castle of immense stone walls, beautiful Autumn gardens, and views of the distant seaside. (Did my ancestors work there in times past? Were they scullery maids, butlers or grounds keepers?) Tea with scones, clotted cream, and jam at a cottage in the quaint village next to the castle provided a delicious treat.

That night at “our” Castle, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a special time together in the hotel dining room with our Hartnell cousins. Afterwards, we arranged ourselves on the hotel’s magnificent staircase for a family photo. So whether or not you’re able to travel on an adventure to see long lost cousins, or meet together on Thanksgiving, we can all be thankful for family near and far. May God bless you with adventures in thankfulness.